NAME: Celeste


RACE : Bird: Fantail

SEX :   Male

DATE OF BIRTH : 01-12-2004 , died 04-09-2020


Loves the shows, the trainings, the showers, the dressing rooms, the hotels, the car, its cage, the handstand canes:

if everything happens with me.


The birds are in couples for life, Celeste considers me as his companion, he only likes me. His extreme loyalty allows me to have an absolutely unique relationship of trust based on love with him.

He considers work as a moment of play and pleasure because I am fully listening to him during this time.

He was much more than an animal, he was my partner in the balance duo Aurélie and Celeste.

        Bye Bye Celeste

  Video  of our life of love and sharing
A life of love and sharing

Aurélie Brua - tel: +33661902261- France

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