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Artistic Gymnastics, 17 years of practice: France.
Handstand technics, Direction of the acts: Oleksandr Yenivatov.


Cirque de Noel de Genève (Switzerland)

Parc Alexis Gruss, France
Karlsuhe Chrismas Circus, Germany
Heilbronn Chrismas Circus, Germany
Franconi Circus, France
Alexandra Bouglione Circus, France

MODERN CIRCUS (click to watch the video)

Cirque Bouffon, Germany (2022)

Corpus Acrobatics, Nederland (2021-2022)

Le Cirque with the Top World's Performers, Italia (2016 to 2018)
Rockin Hohner Roncalli Show, Germany (2008 to 2012)
Roncalli mit Classic, Germany
Circus des Horrors , Germany (2013-2014)
Circo De Madrugada, France
Compagnie Goudart Philippe & B Maripaule, France
Archaos, France


MSC Cruise: Ship Orchestra (four months)

VARIETY & CABARET SHOWS (click to watch a video)

Cabaret de Licques (France)

La Sirène à Barbe (France)

Circabaret, France

Hansa Theater, Germany

Gans Ganz Anders, dinner show, Germany

Tigerpalast Variete Theater, Germany
Krystallpalast Variete, Germany
Da Capo» Variété, Germany
Pegasus Variété, Germany
GOP Variété, Germany
New Williams, Italy


Papea Parc, France

Korona, Slovenia


2023 Circus Festival of Loiret (France)

2023 Aarhus Festival (Danemark)

2019 "International Circus Festival of Britain, France: First Price, Gold with the handbalance act "Celeste"

2013 "International Circus Festival City of Latina", Italie : "Special Prize" from the Internationnal Youth
Circus Festival of Moscow and "The Great Wall Cup" from the Chinese Acrobats Association.

2010 "European Circus Festival", Liège, Artistic Award.
2009 International Festival of Music-Hall, "Les Feux de la Rampe", Bronze Award, Crosne, France.
2009 "Festival de cirque des Mureaux", Town Award, France.
2008 "International Circus Festival" Enschede, Holland.
2004 «Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain", SACD Award (Dramatic Authors and Compositors
Society), Cirque d'Hiver, Paris.
2001 International Festival ofde Music-Hall, "Les Feux de la Rampe", Crosnes, France.
2001 "Festival de Cirque de l'Oise", Domont, France.


The most Prestigious Galas:
Schiesser Underwear, Cirque d'Hiver, Paris.
L'Oréal, Louvre, Paris.
Schwartzkopf, Paris.
Chopard Bijoux, Orangerie de Versailles, France.
Mont-Blanc, Doha, Qatar.
Triumph International, Pavillon Gabriel, Paris.
BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany ...


-M6, France got Talent, Paris

-RTL, Das Supertalent, Germany

-Witty TV: "Tu si que Vales", Roma, Italy

-TV Show Istanbul, "Double Pole"
-Paris Première, "Bienvenue au Cabaret Sauvage "
- Daidogei Festival, Tokyo, Japon
- France 2 & TV5, «Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde» with "The Elf", Paris
- "Immer Wieder Sonntag" Europa-Park , Germany
-SWR "HohnerRockin Roncalli Show", Germany
-France 2 & TV5,"Le Pus Grand Cabaret du Monde" with the "Double Pole", Paris

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