Since my youngest age, I like to be head down equilibrium on my arms. From this habit and pleasur, I have done my job.

I have three different versions. "The Elf", "Sculpture" and "Celeste".


To make the act of the elf, I took my inspiration from a character of a Breton painter, Loïc Chatel.

I already worked a classic act with a fantail, but I wanted it to be different, to be an original one, that my bird took really part in my act.

I talked to my husband, Oleksandr Yenivatov (Sacha), who is a director about the elf’s idea. I showed him the painter’s postcards and we began to train.

In the Celtic tales and legends, the elves are close to nature, they communicate with animals. The permanent contact and complicity between my bird Celeste and I is essential for my act.

Handstands alone are extremely difficult and require a lot of skill. Celeste needs to train everyday too, he accompanies me during all the act : he runs, he flies but never leaves me. He is an athlete too, and my partner for this ‘duet’.

Other acts have been created since:


"Sculpture" (without Celeste), which is a work in slowness and all in power which puts forward the work of control of the body and the muscular force.


"Celeste", a hymn to peace and love symbolized by the dove, accompanied by Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah interpreted by McKenna Breinholt, speaker choreographer: Eric Guermah, dance teacher at the Conservatory of Rennes.

This act just receive thre time "Yes" from the german judges from the TV Show "Das  Supertalent" and a big standing ovation from the public !