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In 1999, when I began to work in the circus field with Archaos, I had never seen Chinese poles acts before. Some poles were lying on the floor, I asked the technicians to put them vertically and in parallel. I had just finished my gymnast career after the asymmetric bars, I wanted to try the ‘vertical’ ones. I named it: "Double Pole".


I totally invented some exercises and a new way of moving, because I did not have any outside model.


In 2005, we made the structure (thank you to my Dad), and we created my new act (thank you to my husband, Oleksandr Yenivatov (Sacha), my director).


This number is available in three versions:

1-  In 2012, I presented a diferent version  entitled " The Pirate" in " Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde " on France 2 and TV5 . Aquatic and aerial world meet, the choreography is fluid and unique on the Poles.

2-  " Vertical World " incredible physical performance for a woman. Innovative , original and captivating act. Universe of the Comic Strip , Matrix , super- hero , I carry you in my world where vertical weightlessness doesn't exist.

You will only see unreal and sometimes surprising animals or insects positions but always made ​​with feminity and lightness.

 This act has been awarded by the "Award of Nikulin Circus Festival " and the " Special prize of the Acrobatic Troupe of China" in the internationnal Circus Festival " Citta di Latina" in 2013.


3- In 2014, a new special creation was developed on the theme "Circus of horror", the number "Exorcist" was born.

The Double Pole will seduce you with their  magical side and the strength that emanates from it.


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